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Introducing the Bee Sampler Pack from Twisted Bee Snacks!


This pack is a great way to try all of our handcrafted premium pretzels.  This pack includes a full size (8 oz) container of our 10 flavors!


Whether you're enjoying them as a midday snack, sharing them at gatherings, enjoying movie night at home, or looking for a snack on-the-go, these pretzels are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds!


The Bee Sampler Pack is the perfect gift for the snack lover in your life!


🥨 Spicy Cajun

🥨 Caramel Flavor

🥨 Smoky Barbecue

🥨 Creamy Dill

🥨 Garlic Parmesan

🥨 Honey Mustard

🥨 Jalapeno Nacho

🥨 Pepperoni Pizza

🥨 Tangy Ranch

🥨 Sour Cream & Chives


Twisted Bee's sample pack is the perfect choice!  So why wait?  Order yours today!

Twisted Bee Sampler - 10 Pack

$79.90 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price
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